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A little bit of everything from the world of writing, publishing, and marketing. Sharing tips to help new and experienced writers strengthen their work and get it in the hands of readers.
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Write. Publish. Repeat. Podcast shares knowledge and experience from writers, both new and established, to help other writers improve their writing, learn about publishing, and navigate the industry.

Please feel free to comment and suggest topics you'd like to learn more about.

Sep 23, 2016

Last month I attended the Writers and Scribblers conference in Silverton, Colorado and was able to listen to local book buyer Jeanne Costello give tips and advice or working with book stores and making sure you're ready to have a book placed on shelves.

Her comments apply to traditional and indie authors, and cover everything from stats on today's book market to cover design to knowing your genre.

Oct 14, 2015

After our two part discussion of marketing, here's your chance to see what's working for current authors. Guest podcaster and author, Melissa Eskue Ousley, is joining me on the podcast to talk about how to collaborate with other authors, as well as what other marketing avenues have been working for her.

Melissa is the author of The Solar Beir Trilogy and is currently posting her new project Sunset Empire on Wattpad.

Connect with Melissa online at:

Oct 5, 2015

Continuing the discussion of how to create a book marketing plan that fits with your time, budget, and life, this episode will cover a variety of topics to help you begin building your marketing plan.

Topics covered in Part 2:

--Author collabortion

--Marketing Timeline

--Long term marketing

--Paid and free advertising

--Genre specific marketing techniques

--Book bloggers and tour companies


Resources mentioned in the show:
Sep 16, 2015

Marketing as an author can be overwhelming without knowing where to start and how to build a plan that fits with your budget and available time and effort. In this two part episode we'll discuss where to start with marketing, how to make realistic goals, and specific marketing methods that can help get your book in front of readers.

Topics covered in Part 1:

-Where to start: time, money, effort

-Audience, goals, marketing avenues

-Preparatory Marketing: networking with bloggers, social mdia, branding

-Pre-Release/Launch Marketing: blog tours, book trailers, reviews, pre-orders

-Launch Marketing: email blast, release party (Facebook/Twitter), contacting media, incentives

-Post Lunch Marketing: Reviews, consistency